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The advantages of the Covid-19 tester at a glance

  • High willingness to carry out the test as it is contact-free
  • Quick result
  • Low costs - factor 10 under antigen test
  • CE certified medical product

More details and Information

Have a look at our current

Covid-19 tester brochure  (pdf)

How the odor tester works

Our tester is based on the scientifically proven impairment of the sense of smell caused by SARS-CoV-2 viruses that multiply in the olfactory mucous membrane. With a higher viral load in the mucus, fewer odor molecules reach the odor cells. By reducing the transport proteins formed by the supporting cells, less hydrophobic odor molecules dissolve in the mucus and fewer olfactory nerves are stimulated.

The odor tester uses this and presents the odors reproducibly for each test subject in the same quantity through individual control for each odor. Depending on the age or the individual odor threshold, the odor intensities are adjusted in order to sensitively recognize sudden changes in the sense of smell.

Best possible application

Covid-19 infections have 7 types, with adolescents and children having "olfactory disorders" as the main symptom. 90% of children with olfactory impairment or loss are "SARS-CoV-2" positive.

In the first clinical study it was shown that the disorder occurs only with certain smells, it was shown how the olfactory competence influences specificity and sensitivity. The measurement process was optimized from the study results and instructions for the best possible use of his abilities were created.

To increase smell competence (ability to recognize a smell with an intact sense of smell), smells are taught to healthy people. This is done with the “Smell Competence” page, where the smells are learned. Once the smells have been learned, a “smell log” is created in healthy people, which measures the individual reaction times to the smell and individually documents the undisturbed sense of smell.

Subsequently, a “quick test” lasting 25 seconds is sufficient to detect the “sudden olfactory disturbance” days before the test person recognizes it himself.


Due to the rapid analysis, the test can be carried out on groups of up to 500 people per day. The combination with antigen or PCR tests in one measurement plan increases the security of “negative predicted value” and “positive predicted value”. The security against infection in this group of people increases significantly.

Genius5® Covid-19-Tester

Our Covid-19 tester is based on the scientifically proven impairment of the olfactory sense by SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The tester injects one of three odors into a stream of air. If the test person recognizes the odor within a reaction time, the test is positive.

If the first odor is not recognized, a validation test is carried out with all 3 odors. If no odor is detected, then the clinical criterion "Loss of the sense of smell". The non-detection of 2 smells out of 3 is rated as a "smell disorder".
To detect suspected Covid-19 cases at an early stage!


With up to 120 tests per hour, the Genius5-CoV-19 tester is ideal for monitoring larger groups of people in restaurants, hotels, companies, schools, sports and leisure facilities in order to detect suspected Covid-19 cases at an early stage!

The Genius5 Covid-19-Tester in action

Replacement parts and refills

We offer replacement parts and refills for all our products, of course also for the Covid-19-Tester. Please send your requests to

Right: Smell changes as early indicator for Covid-19 at children.
90% of children with olfactory disturbance are Covid-19 positive.
The PCR-Test confirm the suspicion 2 days later.

Graph: 90% of children with olfactory disturbance are Covid-19 positive.

Additional applications

People with a loss of sense of smell are 4 times more likely to die. This symptom is also a sign of other health problems. After the pandemic, the following applications are conceivable:

  • Early detection of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia
  • Evaluation of the improvement of the sense of smell in Long Covid-19

Even if the majority will be vaccinated, there will be unvaccinated people who need quick and inexpensive protection The Genius5-Covid-19 tester is and remains an inexpensive and versatile diagnostic instrument.



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