The advantages of the AiO system at a glance

  • Expandable for up to 4 exhaust air streams
  • Individually adapted to the measuring task
  • Inexpensive system
  • Choice of 10 different cartridge types
  • GSM modem, LAN for SCADA or remote

AiO System

Metal emissions are limited by official notices and regulations. For year-round monitoring of hazardous substances, we have developed the AiO system (All in One system), which reliably samples several exhaust gas flows.

Each chimney is equipped with a compact sampler, the control unit controls up to 4 samplers. Isokinetic sampling ensures the correct ratio of dust and gas phase. We have references in power plants and nuclear facilities.

With over 30 years of experience with isokinetic sampling of dioxin and metal emissions, we adapt the system individually to the task at hand. Cartridges are adapted to the adsorption properties and the subsequent analysis.

The AiO-control unit

The All-in-One System
The AiO control unit

Replacement parts and refills

We offer replacement parts and refills for all our products, of course also for the AiO-System. Please send your requests to

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