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Mercury makes children stupid

Methylmercury is a big danger for humans and environment, because it is enriched in the food chain For the humans the enrichment happens in brain and bone marrow. Especially at embryo and child/toddler age the methylmercury causes damages in the brain, resulting in loss of IQ (intelligence).

Therefore mercury emissions from incinerators or cement plants shall be as low as possible, using the best available techniques in flue gas cleaning. Reduction of mercury emissions to 10% of the existing legal limit of 30 µg/m3 is state of the art.

Because mercury emissions are distributed worldwide, the environmental program of United Nations, has initiated a worldwide agreement (similar to Kyoto protocol). In 2013, 128 countries have signed this agreement (www.mercuryconvention.org).

Genius5 Mercury

Genius5-Instruments serves all operator of incineration or cement plants with a newly developed mercury sampling system. It is easy to transport and can be quickly installed at the stack, operating for 2 hours or 2 weeks automatically, even at high dust loadings.

Sinks of mercury in scrubber (e.g. TMT15, Netfloc) as well as activated carbon additions can be optimised using this instrument..Conversion rates (oxidation at catalyst) can be evaluated in function of operation hours.

This instruments uses sorbent trap as well as standard reference methods (EPA method 29 or EN 13211) . Sorbentrap function can also be used at high dust level (e.g. application in raw gas) to make mercury balances (Input/Output).