Hg surveilance in range 0,1 to 10 µg/m3

Cheap sorbent trap method for surveillance

Genius5 mercury system was developed to surveile mercury emission in plants < 300 MW periodically.It is based on Sorbentrap Method, which is in elaboration by the european working group, Target of this method is to be a reference method in the range of 0,1 to 10 µm/m3, enabelling the optimisation of flue gas cleaning systems with Best available technique.

An Aliquot of fluegas is sucked proportional to flue gas velocity through 2 paired sorbent traps. Automatic Measurement period of 14 days enable to incude changes of mercury emissions over the time and dependent on fuel. sorbent tubes include 3 layers of activated carbon, 1st layer is used for analysis, additional 2 layers are used for quality assurance.


1.) Tempered Sorbent Traps to avoid breakthrough,

2.) Automatic leak test and operation using touch screen in color (up to 14 days/sample)

3.) Automatic reporting function with quality documentation