AiO system to surveille metalls emissions including mercury


AiO system was developed to surveille metals emissions from stacks in a weekly periode, It uses the 3 reference mehods with one sampling system. 

  1. EN 14385 for metalls
  2. EN 13211 for mercury
  3. TS sorbentrap for mercury

Normally the reference methods are used to sample only for several hours. The AiO system manages the flows to a minimum, which enables the use of the sampling system for 1 week.


1.) Mercury value is the mean of 2 Sorbent Traps and 1 impinger train using oxidising acid

2.) Metals are measured from d=47 mm dust filter and bypass aliquot of impinger train

3.) Automatic reporting function with quality documentation of isokinetics and flows

4.) Detailed leaktest procedure

5.) Detailed calibration procedure