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Isokinetic sampling (Genius5) with particulate counter (pc)

This new developement combines an isokinetic sampler with a particulate counter and is now available with the brand name Genius5 pc.

The Genius5 sucks isokinetically controlled, flue gas from the stack. The fluegas is sucked in a filter chamber, which has a bypass at the inlet. Periodically a small portion of flue gas as bypass is injected in a dilution chamber with particulate mass counter, where the particulates are evaluated.

The Genius5 pc provides 4 results:

(1) gravimetric dust concentration measured as mean value of the sampling periode

(2) Particulates  < 10 µm in resolution of 1 minute

(3) Particulates  < 2,5 µm with 1 minute resolution

(4) PM1 with 1 minute resolution

It combines the sensitivity and quick response of a particulate counter with the accuracy of the reference method EN 13284-1.

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