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The Company

Genius5-Instruments GmbH is specialist and producer of high quality sampling systems.

Sampling systems needs to be designed to follow international standards. These systems and its software needs to be adapted, when standards are revised or new standards are released. Genius5 Instruments uses well equipped developement facilities for this job, which enable

  • adaption for very low pollutant concentrations
  • design improvement to use for longer periods

Basic know how of the company is the design of dioxin sampling systems for different type of incinerators, steel industry, cement industry, ambient air. Genius5-Instruments is designing cartridges for the sampling of dioxins in ambient air, filter/cooler method and dilution method.

In the year 2016 and 2017 the AiO system was developped, whcih measures the metals emissions with the 3 european reference methods as a weekl´ly mean value.

In 2017 the Genius5 pc was developed, which samples the dust according the reference method and uses in a bypass a particulate counter to have PM10, PM2,5 and PM1 values every minute.

In 2018 a new controller will be presented, which controls the particulate concentrations and quality in fresh air.


In the Covid-19 year 2020, systems to detect infected people are developed. Development target is cheap price/test and to have test result within 1 minute.