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  • CO2-Bilanz-2021
  • Sampling-2021

The Company

1990 bis 2000 the founder developped Dioxinfilter, which have solved dioxin problem in Europe with high efficiency. He established in 2000 bis 2014 contineous dioxin surveillance in many incineration plants worldwide, which reduce dioxin emissions by 90%. Delivery of surveillance system to ARPA Pulia, enabled them to measure diosin emissions of that steel plant periodically. It proved, that they had highest dioxin emissions in Europe. Now this plant has dioxin emissions 90% lower.

2012 bis 2016 PmCTrace was developped,  an instrument to support the climate targets of the European community. It distinguishes between fossil/biogen CO2. Now with raising CO2 prices a very interesting instrument to increase biogenic content of the fuel. Interesting for use in cement plants and municipal waste incinerators.

2016 und 2017 AiO System was developped, it surveilles metal emissions in all kinds of exhaust. Interesting for use in all kind of plants, which wants to reduce metall emissions to a minimum.

In the Covid-19 year 2020 intensive research resulted in the developement of a Covid-19 tester, which uses the loss of the odor sense as indicator for Covid-19. Interesting instrument for daily control of groups, in combination with weekly Antigen test.

All instruments are based on same design platform with proved components, low service costs.