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Succesfull developement for new Covid-19 testing device

80% of  Covid-19 infected people don´t have symptoms, but can infect many other people in contact with them.

In research program "COVID-19 Emergency Call", financed by FFG, we have developped a testing decive, which allows to test up to  200 people/hour for the Covid-19 Symptom "Reduced odor sense".

Up to now, this Covid-19 Symptom, was asked qualitativ with question, have you lost your taste or smell ? At the beginning many people do not recognize, if their odor sense is becoming worse. The recognise, when odor sense is completely missing,but can not detect nuances. 

Der Genius5(r) Anosmie Tester presents reproducable and similar for all test persons, a small flow of odor at detection limit, in ppb level. Dependent on age, sex and other influences the result is monitored.

One test instrument can test up to 10.000 people in 1 week with costs less than 10 Cent/test. Each testing instrument includes a GSM modem, which transmits the test data to a cloud server, where these results can be evaluated, compared to other test groups.

Due to increasing Covid-19 infections, the Genius5 testing system can be ordered.