Genius5 AiO system developed to support EU Commission implementing decision 2017/1442 and plant operators

Commission implementing decision (EU) 2017/1442 defines very low limit valus for the emission of mercury. Incinerators >= 300 MW have to measure contineously, incinerators <= 300 MW have to measure 4 times a year using EN 13211. The legal limit values for mercury are reduced to 1 - 2 µg/m3. New plants have to fulfill this limit before 17th August 2018, existing incinerators, plants have to fullfil this very low limit value in the year 2021.

Calibration of the contineous mercury analyzer has to be done by using the reference mehtod EN 13211 in the range of the legal limit.

Increasing the accuracy of the calibration. 

It uses 1 dust filter, 2 impinger sampling lines and 2 sorbenttrap sampling lines.

 Design details:

- probe up to 2500 mm -  Instack filter - 2 sorbent trap lines - 2 impinger lines with slow flow - automatic isokinetic sampling up to 1 week - automatic calculation of the measurement uncertainty during measurement - automatic report generation - range of calibraion 0.5 - 5 mg Hg/m3 -